28 July 2010, Wednesday

but I'm totally loving it. Just look at the camaraderie of all those singers! It made me go "aww..." man. Reminds me of my old choir days which I would have very much enjoyed it more if I had better company and more action. I was active for the first year, before Red Cross came. Still remember the teacher giving me advice before I left the school for good; something about having (ahem) a good voice and hoping that I would continue to let music fill my life.

Organisations (locally and overseas) really made good use of music to raise funds for various causes. How can one not be stirred to contribute something after hearing songs being sung like that? It's immediately "aww... aww... ohmygod so nice... ok I will donate."

And cha-ching! Hopefully the donations really went to Haiti.

And this is the original recording of the song for Africa 25 years ago. Also got feel~ If you watched both videos, you'll notice that for the first recording, the artistes have to share the microphones (if that's what they're called). While for the recording done this year, the artistes seem to have their own studio recording space and microphones, despite the fact that the number of artistes involved had doubled.

It may not be a funny thing to you. But when I noticed that, I just want to laugh. Just so you know. :)

Cause sometimes the things that I find very funny and start to laugh, the people beside me may not feel so. And I'll end up laughing by myself... :)

14 July 2010, Wednesday

Oh no

The day is finally here..

I'm in Singapore on social visit pass!!...


Current status:
Just back from graduation trip in Bali
Graduation ceremony in one and a half month's time
In need of income to feed my savings
which leads to
I'm looking for a job!


감사합니다!! 성엽오빠, 비비!

I love the apron very much!
I don't think I will take a picture with it..
until I really get down to baking.

Hmm.... yes.
I will bake.
And I will have my own
fully equipped kitchen.

아자아자 화이팅!

I'm REALLY REALLY HAPPY for my friends who went to travel recently. I think the best thing we can do in this world is to travel and see the world itself.

I went to China twice,
to Thailand twice,
to Bali twice,
to Malaysia several times,
and back and forth Singapore and Jakarta countless times.

I'm greedy for more!

And although I'm happy too for people who can travel with their parents' sponsorships (so far that is how i managed to travel), I really wish I could use my hard-saved / hard-earned money to travel myself.

In the near future, there are 3 places that I hope I can go~
1. Korea
2. Hokkaido (Strawberry farm)
3. Taiwan


Why now

time pass

slower and


in class??




Love ya.

I could have used the time

at home to do up

the two-in-one for you.


I am in school,

not doing anything after consultation,

but drawing,

and fiddling with the internet,

and even typing this.

Yet cannot go msn

on the school internet.

I don't know why?

Come fly with me,
let's fly, let's fly,
pack up let's fly away

Duck: Quack! 

Me: Yeah. Hello.

Duck: Quack Quaack??

Me: I'm good. How about you?

Duck: Quuack! Quu.. Quack Quack Qua.. Quack??

Me: Well, nothing much really. Just a little bit of dreading school and too much of wanting to be at another place instead. By the way, its the start of the planning of another whole new gradshow here. 

Duck: Quuu.. Quack Quackk! Quack-Quaaa? Quack Quack Qua Quack!!

Me: Aww no Ducky, I'm not excited at all. Just gonna sit back and watch everything unfold itself again. I bet it's not gonna be anywhere half as fun as Birth anyway. I shall do my own thangg! Now that's exciting. 

Duck: Quaack! Qu-Quacck Quack!

Me: Yeah, that's awesome of you. Christmas is coming too, then 2010 will come very soon after. Can't wait. Any presents for you?

Duck: Qua-Qua-Qua! Quu... Quack! Quuacckk!! Qu-Quuu!

Me: Haha! Waterproof stockings? You're hilarious Ducky. Alright then, waterproof stockings for Ducky, check. 

Duck: Quack!! Quack Quaack!

Me: You're welcome. I have to go, there are ideas for paper promotion that i have to think about amongst many other things. Let me know if you have any ideas?

Duck: Quuack Quaack! Quu Quack Quaack Quuu~~

Me: Hehe. Thanks for being here and there randomly too. Talk to you again soon. Bye!

Duck: Qu-Qu Quackk!

Keep it simple, silly.


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